Use Areas

Swedac have been in business for 35 years and many of our products have been developed based on customer requests and specific situations.

We sell to the shipping industry, offshore industry, automotive industry, engineering industry, construction industry, HIFI industry needs. We also sell directly to individuals.

We see no obstacles but concentrate on solutions. Each month a new project where we sometimes find new uses for our products.

In many cases, customers have experimented themselves and find their own solutions. Our dampingglue DG-A2 were used in the beginning to just floor constructions, now it is used worldwide in speaker designs thanks to a Swedish client who was a pioneer in the speaker industry. Similarly, the glue used in everything from bus floor to boats floorboard to stereo benches and furniture for the studio environment.

Swedac´s goal is to help its customers with the best possible products. We put a lot of time to recommend the right products and help the customer with the best possible tips to get as good a solution as possible. A satisfied customer is our greatest reward.

For ships and offshore so are all production during quality certification and we have DNV MED-D certificate that confirms our high quality of the systems and products we sell.