Damped Sheet Metal PVP

A vibration and noise transmission construction materials constructed by laminating two simple plates with an intermediate viscoelastic layer (water-based).


Constructions of plate normally has a very low loss factor = ability to transform “oscillation energy” to heat. Typical loss factor for an ordinary Undamped metal construction 0.001 -0.01. By using SWEDAC PVP plate, the loss factor increased to 0.3-0.8, which theoretically results in a reduced emission of noise at resonance by 15-30 dB.

Used for the construction of highly efficient floating floor, improved sound reduction between cabins, as well as the design of control panels, hoods and other radiant steel surfaces.

Can be produced in galvanized, stainless steel, hot dip galvanized and aluminum sheet metal. We laminates even our plate with Dobel plate available in different colors and qualities.

SWEDAC PVP plate can be treated much like a normal plate when it comes to cutting and piercing.

When bending radius should be kept min 1.5-2 times the plate thickness to not rush the viscoelastic material. PVP plate behaves as two successive loose sheets and displaces itself according to the difference in the bending radius between the outer panel and the inner panel. Displacement is also affected by the material thickness, bending angle and the distance to the plate edge. On several bends, these must be done against the free edge that allows displacement.

For attachment and bonding is recommended primarily pop rivets or screws. PVP plate can also spot welded by “puncturing” of the viscoelastic layer with a center punch + electrical contact with staples or pliers.

All processing must be done at room temperature.