Ships and Offshore vessels

Swedac has since the early 80s worked on ships and offshore industry

Swedac assisted with installation help, and had thus good contact with several major shipyards in Finland and France.

Also on Götaverken in Gothenburg was most installations.

With many successful projects was SWEDAC.s deck coatings standard products for several laps.

Audio Consultants and architects took on our systems.


Swedac early with an aqueous viscoelastic mass that was covered with an elastic concrete (SBR Latex Concrete), this was the V2 system startup.

In Japan, this system has been the standard for many turns over many years.

As a result of our collaboration with Weber Saint-Gobain, we have now moved on to the system, only weber.floor 4660 Marine Elastic

With several certificates, both the A-60 and the Primary Deck Covering and MED-D Quality System Approval so Swedac a reliable choice.


Swedac have the current situation following ships systems

System U1 Swedac DG-U1 +  Steel Primary Deck Covering

System U10 Swedac DG-U1 + Weber 4660 Primary Deck Covering

System V2 Swedac ACM + Weber 4660 Primary Deck Covering

Swedac PVP minimum 2.0 / 2.0 steel onto 50mm mineral wool Primary Deck Covering

Swedac PVP minimum 2.0 / 3.0 steel onto 50mm mineral wool A-60 Class Deck

A-60 Combi A combined system with many possibilities A-60 Class Deck

Powerflex Facing and additional insulation for shots with B Surface materials