Damping layer SWEDAC DG-U 6

2-component polyurethane compound designed for damping resonant vibrations in aluminum, steel, stone, ceramic, fiberglass and solid wood structures.

DG-U 6 has high thixotropy which allows the application of thick layers even on vertical surfaces.DG-U 6 has good resistance to oils and chemicals.

DSC_8697The damping layer laminated or glued between two rigid construction material either symmetrically or asymmetrically. An asymmetrical “sandwich” should thickness ratio of the rigid layers not exceed 4: 1 for steel and 3: 1 for fiber reinforced plastic and wood materials. At the suppression of profiles the opposit layer should be as thick as the profile thickness.

Examples of applications are structure born noice damping of steel and aluminum decks and bulkheads, improved sound reduction index for doors, engine compartments and other simple walls as well as improved sound dampening of steel stairs and other resonant surfaces.