In an industry is full of noise sources, many of the sources disseminates the sound to the walls and other structures in the property, providing increased problems. Thanks to tougher requirements in working environments have a lot begun to see the source of the problems. Swedac AB has for many years been helping companies with simple and effective solutions for a better working environment.

Workshop machinery

In a factory, Swedac Damping sheet DS-2-S, Sound absorbents type FA, PA or UAR with or without barrier mats are used for noise control purposes on machinery guards, vibrating feed units, conveyor belts, bottling machines, press hoods and rubbish containers. Manufacturers of plastic grinders have found that an effective method to reduce the noise from the grinding is encapsulation of the machine with PVP sandwich panels. PVP panels are also used in elevators, escalators, transformationshus and break room to improve and completely remove the structure-borne noise.

Pipe and ventilation ducts

Pipes and ventilation ducts can be beneficial faced with PVP sandwich panels, Swedac insulating mats or sprayed with damping compound DC P500. Although damping sheet DS-2-S have been used to reduce rattling when the seeds and pellets drawn through the long pipe. At the tough requirements so dressed transport or vent pipe with mineral wool or Swedac UAR, then wrapped it with insulating mats type BM0070, Superflex or PowerFlex then possibly covered with a thin aluminum or stainless steel.

Office machines and appliances

Often it is small machines in offices that cause annoying sounds that are difficult to derive. It can be computer cases, printers, scanners or coffee machine hums and vibrates. Swedac insulating mats, Swedac sound absorbents and damping sheet DS-2-S has helped many companies get rid of these small but still annoying sound problems.