Sound absorption

Swedac have a well-thought-out range with airborne sound absorbents for different applications. We stock in large quantities for prompt delivery.

We also cut down material for several clients to specific dimensions to facilitate mounting. We deliver with or without pregelatinised back.


The purpose of airborne sound absorbing material is about to pick up sound waves in the space that they are fitted. The more the better is a basic rule, but usually it is enough to attached to a pair of surfaces to take effect. The acoustic absorption means intercepting sound waves. The energy in the sound then passes to heat in the absorbent material.


The need for sound absorption is dependent on the size of the space, acoustic properties and the purpose of sound absorption.

Acoustic Panels can be used on most surfaces and applications. Swedac over the years has helped various companies with recommendations where there has been clear goals of what you want out of an installation.