Swedac Powerflex

Swedac Powerflex was developed together with a supplier of insulating mats when we received several inquiries regarding insulating mats suitable for the marine sector.

We made a fire tests at SP and took out approvals by Bureau Veritas.

DSC_8716Swedac Powerflex was produced in various thicknesses / weights to meet different requirements for sound insulation. Currently stocked 50FF (5kg / m2) and 150FF (15kg / m2). 100FF (10kg / m2) is taken home by the large requests.

Swedac Powerflex has over the years been used for marine applications with good results. Powerflex has also been used as pipe insulation in environments where there are demands for a “neat” surface layer.

Powerflex FF consists of a flexible heavy film on the basis of rubber, thermoplastic resins and inorganic fillers with surface layers of reinforced aluminum foil.

Powerflex FF is free of halogens (chlorine, bromine, etc.), lead, bitumen and crude aromatic oils.

Powerflex sold in sheets of 2000x1200mm