Motor Vehicle


Swedac has during many years helped several vehicle manufacturers but also end consumers with their vehicle.

The problems are divided into three categories; engine noise, road noise and structure-borne noise. Many vehicles are additionally workplaces for many drivers giving greater demands on manufacturers.

Swedac has also always helped individuals with advice and materials which has given us a broad knowledge of different vehicle and its problems.

Buses and rail cars

Insufficient sound reduction of the floor is often the primary cause of poor sound comfort in a bus or railway.

The floors are usually made of plywood in the thickness 25-50 mm. Plywood has relatively low weight and is very stiff resulting in low reduction index, low coincidence frequency and high emission of structure borne sound.

In order to improve the acoustic properties of such a floor can laminating a thin viscoelastic layer, Swedac Damping glue DG-A2, between two plywood boards provide a sound reduction effect comparable to a much heavier and more expensive insulation.

Experience has shown that the noise level in a bus is determined by structure borne radiation from the floor at frequencies up to 500 Hz and airborne sound transmission at frequencies beyond.

Swedac Damping glue DG-A2 used by several leading manufacturers to cope with the applicable noise requirements.

With many customers in the rail industry and proven system that has Swedac soundproofing materials really hard tested and evaluated the past 30 years with good results. Leading train manufacturers have now some Swedac system as standard solutions.

Vehicle Bodies

The engine sound is usually the easiest to locate and isolate removed using insulating mats.

Road noise is often away from doors and wheel arches where the plate is exposed and in many cases very poorly insulated. The damping compound DC P500 is widely used in doors when it is relatively easy to apply. Over wheel arches so often used bituminous sheets.

Car and minibus bodywork is sprayed inside with damping compound DC P 500 to reduce structure-borne noise. Alternatively Damping sheet DS-2-S.

Sheet metal components for trucks, buses and passenger cars manufactured by Swedac PVP sheet gives a good structure borne and noise reduction. Where the vehicles are, in many cases already partially assembled so Swedac has for many years made recommendations on how to solve structure borne sound problems.

Swedac DG-U6 was used to subdue the floors in ambulances with good results. The floors were made of a lightweight, rigid material and beamed incredible amounts of noise. With the help of DG-U6 and plywood survived the ambulances with the tough working environment requirements set by the buyer.

Trucks, tractors and construction equipment

Both the noise in the cabins that external noise is reduced effectively with Swedac insulating mats and Swedac sound absorptions.

To improve the comfort of the cabin during the cold season, combine absorbers with condensation insulation type PE-10-S

Swedac also market floor mats suited for construction equipment and trucks, GM 1340 consists of a durable rubber material with checkerstate, laminated together with condensation insulation to get a soft and durable rug.