Damping Glue DG A2

Viscoelastic damping of resonant vibrations in sheet materials such as plywood, gypsum and chipboard, provides a very high loss factor of the finished product. The difference on an acoustic glue and a regular wood glue is the acoustic adhesive properties that allow the glue never gets hard but remain elastic for a long time. Swedac´s damping glue DG-A2 has proven to keep its elastic properties over a much longer time than some competing adhesives on the Swedish market.

DSC_8700Examples of applications are structure born noice dampening of floors in buses and rail cars, improvement in reduction index of doors, engine room hatches and other simple walls, improved sound dampening in bunk floors and stairs.

MDF board laminated with DG A2 is an excellent disc for building high quality speakers.

Available in packs of 10kg and 155kg