SWEDAC Damping cassettes

A well-developed technology to dampen structure borne sound in steel and aluminum structures.

Swedac Damping Cassettes have been developed to absorb free resonant bending vibration present in the plating of aluminum and steel structures with thickness> 4mm.

Swedac Damping Cassettes have a normal length of 1 m and has at this length 10 or 20 individual gripping legs welded to the plate fields.

The Damping cassete is very practical and easy to install as it easily attached by welding next to the substrate.

Swedac Damping Cassettes 40.30.40 Al = 1000mm suitable for aluminum up to 8mm

Swedac Damping Cassettes 60.30.60 Elfz and RF 1000mm = Suitable for steel structures with 4-20mm thickness.

DSC_8704Swedac Damping Cassettes 70.15.70 Elfz and RF 1000mm = Suitable for steel structures with 20-50mm thickness.



Structure borne noice damping in coarser structures of steel and aluminum, for example, marine, offshore and in the cellulose industry.