Noise Barriers

Swedac have a wide range of insulating mats.

Insulating mats usually used for encapsulating the audio or shut out noises, i.e. it is used as a barrier by its basis weight.

Insulating mats are available in various shapes depending on customer requirements.

For example, the insulating mats in sheet form which is a stiffer, these are used when the planar surfaces to be insulated.

There are also insulating mats lying on a roll, these are slightly softer and flexible and applied to the lining of the tube.

Swedac also have insulating mats that are fire rated and approved for use in marine applications

Most often combines an insulation blanket with a sound absorbing material to obtain a so-called double wall and thus have better soundproofing.

For a single wall construction shall airborne sound reduction according to the acoustic mass law to increase by 6 dB per octave and by 6 dB at double the weight.